"Real Japanese."

- Gideon

I’m just gonna go ahead and bring this back.

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The flavor here is, when the master gets stressed, Black Hanekawa comes out.


Land destruction and island-ization. Two great tastes that taste great together.

Very Leviathan, too.


Full art

Here’s my take on imakethecard's Leviathan’s Wake. I think it works better if you destroy a land rather than have the player sacrifice one. I think the way it was originally worded it makes it so the person can sacrifice the enchanted land, making the overall purpose of the card kind of pointless.

Ever since watching Zettai Bouei Leviathan, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word “leviathan" are moe dragon girls.


Prepare yourselves for glory! Today I am dropping off aggressive and efficient Generals that apply pressure to your opponent’s wounds, and add just as much insult to their injuries! Buckle up, shut up and read up! Here are your next round of Commanders.

Ruby: Ruby Rose is the leader to Team RWBY, where she leads by example and rushes into every fray with Crescent Rose a blazing. Crescent Rose is a massive sniper morphing sythe that Ruby propels and slashes with by the pull of a trigger. Ruby is a spunky sweetheart, a loyal companion and a ferocious ally that is empowered by the support of her friends.

Weiss: Weiss Schnee, is an irritable loner that seems to want nothing of others and comes off as a bit of a spoiled brat. But as time goes on Weiss is forced into partnership with Ruby, and even though they clash and butt heads for a long while, they final overcome it all with Weiss even rises above her own Faunus prejudices. Weiss uses the aid of Dust to exploit her foes weaknesses and is extremely talented at one on one combat.

Blake: Blake Belladonna, the Faunus Huntress with a haunted past finds herself locked into team RWBY after attempting to be the book drawn loner when paired with Yang, Ruby’s half-sister. Her form of fighting is extremely elusive and she always appears to be a full step ahead of her opponent with a strike coming from every direction. With a twisted past at her back and promising future before her, Blake shreds her way into fights and friendships.

Yang: Yang Xaio Long, the party going, ground bounding bombshell with a short fuse an arsenal of shotgun shells is loving and due forward kind of gal. Whether it be terrorizing crime-owned clubs, obliterating Ursa and Beowulfs in the forests, or even scrapping in the streets, Yang bounces into the fray with a smile and an explosion. But be warned, if a single strand of hear is plucked from her head, you have better have brought a pillow because you’re about to be put to sleep. With a cheerful approach and two fists of furry, Yang punches in as the final member of Team RWBY.

Penny: Penny, the mysterious and docile Huntress that’s “Combat Ready!” assists Team RWBY in the retrieval of Sun and Blake with a calm frenzy of slaughter and destruction. Showcased as the shortest and largest fight ever bought to the series. Penny annihilates everything that could even pose a threat with swords at the end of thin threads. With new found friends and a hidden past, Penny protects and serves.

Turok: John lives just barley outside the town of Arlen Texas inside a small, yet cozy trailer, where he administers massages to relieve Nancy of her headaches. He wears socks with sandals and is famous for his battle-cry, “I am Redcorn!”

Sander Cohan: The mad and psychotic artist from Rapture is here to create masterpieces and ignite the flames of Renaissance in the hearts of every man, woman and child. Literally. When he calls out, “Allegro” and doesn’t hear the reply of a pitch perfect recital, you can bet you’re next in line to join his collection of works. (Card requested by: buster55)

Adelier: Duane Adelier from the web series of Unsounded, was a character that I was unfamiliar with, so I had to do my research on him to be sure I didn’t come across as a n00b and shame him. So what I gathered was, Duane is a quite, quick tempered spellcasting zombie that is entrusted with protecting Sette. Capable of casting spells at an alarming rate and resistant to pain, Adelier is perfect suited to be a guardian. (Card requested by: imakethecard)

Faye: We all know that Valentine is always up to trouble, so why should it surprise us when she makes her debut and incites some chaos and fun? Random outcomes and cut pay are all part of a days work for this little outlaw.

The Sanderson Witches: For a 90’s kid, the Hocus Pocus was the best dang Halloween movie there ever was, next to Ernest Scared Stupid and Scooy-Doo and the Ghoul School of course. But nevertheless, these Witches were notorious children snatchers and callers of the dead. Enlist the children as your slaves and raise your minions, finally, the Sanderson Witches arise again to throwdown in the grave.

Finally: Wizards of the Coast and other artists own all the art, rights and likenesses I am compiling to create fun and exploitative generals for mine and your Edh decks, so this is a toast to all great artists of and the fine soldiers that make Magic the Gathering possible, and yes! I will always copy and paste this. PWTR

Alright, now that SDCC has spoiled some more stuff for Khans of Tarkir, I want to go ahead and revisit the post about some of the predictions I made about the set back in May. My updated commentary will be bold so you can just skip ahead to the bolded sections if you don’t want to review my predictions. I’ll also be using strikethrough on the sections I predicted incorrectly.



Alright, here’s my speculation for Khans of Tarkir.


First, lets check out this big guy in the middle. What race is he? Goblin? Troll? Neither of these seem like good options. He’s too big for a goblin and not green enough to be a troll. I’m putting my money on orc, and I welcome the return of orcs to MTG. It’s been too long. This seems to me really the only possibility, but if you’ve got a better idea, I’d like to hear it.

I was spot on, Zurgo is an Orc. Image by



Now, check out the bearded fellow to the middle guy’s lower right. Is he standing a little bit behind the front guy, or his he standing by his side like the human woman to the big guy’s left? I think he’s standing alongside Mr. Big and taking into account that beard he’s sporting, his short stature, and his disproportionately big hands, I think this is a dwarf. This would make me happy, since I’m a big fan of dwarves, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Wizards timed the return of dwarves intentionally to coincide with the final Hobbit movie as dwarves reach their peak popularity in the media.

Not enough was spoiled to call this prediction either way. I’m still holding out for dwarves.

Now to analyze Mark Rosewater’s comments about the set. Lets think… what is the one thing people have been clamoring for most on Blogatog for the more than two years it takes to develop a set? Bizarre-Alara! I think we’re finally going to see the long-awaited wedge block. Here’s my reasoning. Take a look at the name of the set. KHANs of Tarkir. Think about the other multicolor set names. Remember original Ravnica was City of GUILDs and Alara was SHARDs of Alara. Sets without strong multicolor themes generally are just named after the plane on which they take place, ie: Mirrodin, Lorwyn, Zendikar, Innistrad, Theros. But multicolor blocks show a pattern of having more explanatory names.

As you saw with Zurgo above, Khans of Tarkir is indeed the long awaited wedge set—unfortunately, it appears the whole block is not about wedges (wedges are three color multicolor as defined by one color and its two enemy color pairs). Some people said that with Return to Ravnica only being two blocks ago, that Wizards wouldn’t do another multicolor block so soon, but I nailed it!


Moreover, we can clearly see five leaders in much more vibrant colors than the background soldiers, suggesting a five-khan system. I’m betting we’ve got five Khans that each represent a wedge—The Khans of Tarkir. This could be the new thing that players have been wanting I think Mark was hinting at.

Here I incorrectly assumed that all five clans were represented in the initial spoiler art when Khans was first revealed. In actuality, this art only contains members of the Mardu clan, which is the Red-White-Black clan.

Now that I think I’ve got the set’s main theme figured out, what is going to be the thing from the past that’s coming back that people have been wanting? Well, a set with a lot of colors is going to require powerful mana fixing, and what better to facilitate that necessity than to bring back the Onslaught fetch-lands to make them legal in Modern? Heck, since the set sizes are going to be large-small-large, maybe spread throughout the block we’ll get all ten? Currently at $50 a pop, we could definitely use more fetchlands in the worldwide card pool. (And yes, I know this second prediction hinges very much on my first prediction being right, but I’m going with it anyways.)

All right, that’s my speculation. What do you think?

For this last bit I predicted fetch lands would be coming back to support the multicolored theme of this block. Currently, we know one of the returning mechanics is Morph (yes, one of the returning mechanics—apparently for the first time there’s going to be two returning mechanics in a block). But I don’t think this is the thing that people have been wanting Wizards to bring back, so I’m holding out hope that we’ll see fetchlands return.


See this Khans art? Please, PLEASE, be Arid Mesa (thanks to mtgfan for the image).

After seeing M15 and mulling over things for the past three months, I have a new prediction to add. In the article Checking in on the Planeswalkers, it was revealed that Sarkhan is hearing the voice of Ugin in his head (you’ll have to scroll down a bit). This is clearly an important detail for Sarkhan’s character. Moreover, M15 also featured this card.


Perilous Vault reveals an additional tidbit about Ugin. Now if you remember, the three planeswalkers that sealed away the Eldrazi on Zendikar were Sorin Markov, Ugin and The Lithomancer. Nicol Bolas has said that Ugin is dead, but if that were true, why are we getting so much information about a dead planeswalker? I think in one of the sets in Khans block we’re going to get a new dragon planeswalker and it’s going to be none other than Ugin (my guess is Ugin will be in Dragons of Tarkir).


Now initially, I’d thought this dragon in the background for the announcement for Khans of Tarkir was Sarkhan in his dragon form. My reason for thinking this is because in the first set of the block there aren’t supposed to be any dragons on Tarkir, so what could this be other than Sarkhan? But now I’m changing my mind. This dragon looks kind of undead, does it not? I mean, you can clearly see a definite skull shape with fire / lava boiling out of the cavities. And yet, it also has an ethereal look to it, doesn’t it? I think this may be Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.

Alright, so tentatively I’m going to say a big, loud I CALLED IT! But so far not all of my predictions have proven true, but nor have they been disproven either, so we’re still waiting.


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The Airheaded ability is a reference to the Japanese TCG Precious Memories. This is actually a real keyword in that card game and what you see here is a nearly 1:1 translation of what that ability would look like in Magic. I think the flavor of the ability is that the airheaded character seems non-threatening and other weak creatures ignore her.

Ha ha! Nice! 
After doing some research, I found out this is a real Magic card. Great sleuthing to find this gem, magicoffinalfantasy.

Ha ha! Nice!

After doing some research, I found out this is a real Magic card. Great sleuthing to find this gem, .

Inspired by this post from tyrant-of-amala, originally created by kirishii.

The flavor of noncombat damage is often represented by some kind of ranged attack, either slinging a fireball or launching projectiles, so a fear of such effects destroys creatures.

Are you watching Sword Art Online II? What do you think?


Anillo Solar by Mabimon

The One Ring. The One Sol Ring.


Anillo Solar by Mabimon

The One Ring. The One Sol Ring.

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The whole concept behind this card is how Ein is always messing with electronic devices.