After becoming my most popular post four times over, there’s no way I could stop making Space: The Convergence cards with just the basic lands (basic resources). Mark Rosewater believes very strongly in the power of words to establish a feel for a setting, which is why just a few simple changes in the names of mechanics that are exactly identical to Magic can create an entirely new experience. However, a TCG isn’t just words; the card frame is also a necessary component to make it complete. So let me run you through the changes I’ve made to a few iconic cards from Magic’s past and present.

First look at Data Retrieval. The strategy card type parallels to sorcery and its card-type icon in the upper left corner of the card is a fireball, but I’ve changed it to binary code to fit the sci-fi theme. Similarly, the general card type’s partner in Magic is planeswalker, which didn’t even have a symbol in Future Sight. MTG Set Editor uses a portal icon and while that does have some futuristic qualities, I’ve changed it to a military general’s star to better match the card type. The last icon that needed changing was artifact. Future Sight used a chalice which didn’t have any place in a space setting, so I’ve replaced it with an atomic bomb.

The last change I made is actually a product of making a couple cards and seeing how they look. Originally for blue I used a vortex as seen from the side, as if you were observing a tornado on the ground. However, when shrunk down to the size of a mana symbol (psi symbol) it was too visually similar to white, red and green. So I changed the perspective from which the vortex is observed to make it appear more distinct when made smaller:


Full art: Steel Arbiter - Data Retrieval - Carrie Hayashi - Laser - Entice - Cryo Storage

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